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“When we witness the lives of others, we break down barriers to start building a bridge. “ ~ Shereese Floyd - TEDxOcala

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Get to a Place of Respect

Respect is the entry to healing. 

It's a low barrier and yet it seems insurmountable. 

When someone doesn’t respect your existence, it’s a denial of dignity. Oftentimes the lack of respect is not intentional, just clouded in ignorance -- born out of a person’s own lived experiences.

But for the person who feels slighted, the offense is real. It’s a tiny nick in their esteem that can grow bigger and become a gaping wound in one's self-worth.

Not feeling seen is as innocuous as: 

When people don’t feel seen and heard, they act out - driven by a fear of becoming instinct, losing power or usefulness, or being relegated non-essential. This feeling can fester and lead to an infestation of the spirit resulting in unbearable and unrecognizable realities. 

The by-product of this is isolation, anger, misplaced blame, abuse, violence, discrimination and …. more. You've felt this sting before right? Good. That's all the commonality you need to stand at the entryway of respect. 

If you don’t know how amazing, you are -- come sit by us. 

Witness My Life Movement was created for just that. 

What We Do

Witness My Life partners with corporations and universities to create and implement women's leadership programs and offers storytelling products and services to amplify marginalized voices.

Our single mission is to bring the world together one story at a time and to provide opportunities for people to S.E.E. (support, education, encourage) each other in order to get to a place of mutual respect.

Witness My Life stands against racism, violence against women, and silencing marginalized voices. We use this platform to tell stories that pull people out of the margins and edges of society and into the mainstream of their individuality and expression.

We work with individuals and organizations who have demonstrated diversity and inclusion and who work towards a more just world.

our Approach

“Within the context of our lives, our hashtags and mantras, we are simply pleading with each other, See me, because I matter. I matter. You matter.” 

~ Shereese Floyd - TEDxOcala - The Secret to Healing the World 

Support. Educate. Encourage.

Standing up and being seen isn't always easy, to get to a place of respect requires difficult conversations. Our programs and services are built to provide support and encouragement around education -- so we can drop defense and facilitate a bridge to understanding. 

For Individuals: We help turn your life experiences into brand stories so you can profit from the transformation you provide. 

For Nonprofits: We help you recruit and retain the best talent who are dedicated to your mission while also providing a system to discovering, shaping and sharing your stories -- to increase fundraising. 

For Companies: We work with companies to get everyone on the same page united around a strategic narrative that drives success in marketing, sales, fundraising, recruiting, onboarding, production and productivity — and ultimate culture so you can stand out in the marketplace and never compete on price. 

Inclusive Storytelling

Narratives + imagery that fosters equity and good will.


Build rapport and level the playing the field - motivate not demand. 

Team Building

Break down silos to encourage trust and camaraderie


Messaging that's intentional. 


Not just what you say, but how you say it
and how you live it. 


Programs and processes that answer the question: Do I belong here? 


Co-created programs and curriculums for individuals, teams, nonprofits and companies.  

We also help companies with auditing existing messaging, content creation including social media and digital marketing as well as strategic brand development.

Personal and Professional Development for Women

Break the Glass is six-month curriculum for leaders ready to translate the chronicles of their history and write their names in the journals of the present day.  

This program peels back the layers of all things you were told you "should" be to get to the heart of who you truly are.  Apply here. 


Storytelling products to teach you how to tell your story. Apparel to give you a way to represent it. 

Shop Now. 

Why We Do It

We want to live in a world where women feel invisible; therefore, we equip women training and support to raise their voices and tell their stories so that they are impossible to ignore. 

“Within the context of our lives, our hashtags and mantras, we are simply pleading with each other, See me, because I matter. I matter. You matter.” ~ Shereese Floyd – TEDxOcala – The Secret to Healing the World 

Meet The Founder

Shereese Floyd

I’m Shereese Floyd, a TEDx speaker, advocate and chief storyteller of Witness My Life. 

I see invisible people. It's my edge. 

Witness My Life Movement is an initiative born out of my TEDx. 

I believe hearing stories from all kinds of people is the ONE way to bring this world together. 

The Secret to Healing the World - TEDxOcala

Can we really live in peace with people who share different political and ideological views? Shereese Floyd believes so. She believes we have always had the ability to build a bridge and heal the world; it just requires a shift in the way we see things. 

In this talk, she tells the story of living across the cul de sac from a neighbor who publicly displayed such differences. At a time in the world, where people seem to pick their sides and relate to each other from those boundaries, she challenges the audience to see beyond labels, titles, and notions and ask of each other a simple and vulnerable question: Will you be a witness to my life?

Let's Work Together

Do you believe in the power of people to create a more unified and just world? Do you want to truly be. a witness to the lives of others? Let's talk. Interested in partnering or collaborating or looking for training or speaking for organization, get on our calendar.
We look forward to being a witness to your life. 

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