Represent the heart of your story with our exclusive MemoirWear. 

Become the Great Story Ever Told: Making a Memoir Journal 

Become the Greatest Story Ever Told: Making a Memoir


200+ story prompts

Guided audio coaching

Storyboards and doodle notes

Instruction on how to use the story

This is year of your story. 

The stories of your come through, your breakthrough and the stories that hold you back.

We are the stories we tell ourselves and sometimes we can’t see beyond our negative self talk. 

Our negative stories are a default and the way we reprogram ourselves is to remember what we have already done.

Become the Greatest Story Ever Told: Making a Memoir is a storytelling journal to help you get your stories out of your head and into the world where your story will make a difference — whether it’s to provide healing for yourself or others. 

Get closer to writing a memoir, speaking, or teaching the lessons of your story. 

The biggest difference your story has is to remind you that you are your greatest hero.

  • Reframe negative narratives
  • Silence your inner mean girl
  • Remind yourself of what you are capable of
  • Show up to be seen and heard

Become the Great Story Ever Told Course