Witness My Life Project  

We believe memoirs are embodied. We live in a world where many things seek to divide us. Our mission to tell stories through MemoirWear is intentional. 

Using the t-shirt as a blank canvas, everyone starts at the same level of humanity -- illustrating their sameness. 

The declarations of each MemoirWear shirt allows the women to layer on their differences but stay grounded and connected to each others as human beings without compromising their individuality. 

These are their stories. 

Sacha Walton

I got familiar with the unfamiliar.

I am motivated by legacy. I recommit to that motivation every time I look into my daughter’s eyes.

My goal is to be the first millionaire in my immediate family. I worked a “good” job, for 20 years and one day without warning, I was laid off. 7,300 days gone in a single decision.

Though I had a side hustle and was in the midst of planning an exit strategy, becoming a full-time entrepreneur was a decision not by choice but force.

I went all in on myself and within the first six months, I’d successfully scaled the business to six figures. For two years, I was in full command of my life — and things looked great from the other side, until, a pandemic shut me down.

A six-foot requirement of personal social distance to increase our odds at life became an insurmountable distance for a business that thrived on closeness.
Contracts gone. Money stopped. Doors closed. It was another forced layoff.

Something happens to your confidence when you don’t know where your next check is coming from — when basic needs are threatened — you feel like you’re failing … at life.

Surviving is a primal. It is the gateway to anxiety, stress and in my case, functioning depression. Every step I took to survive felt like I was giving up.

When I finally decided to go back to a “good” job, I felt defeated.

The truth about the pandemic is it made me confront the lies I was telling myself. I was not failing. I was readjusting. I wasn’t surviving. I was living. I wasn’t leaving my dream behind. I was redefining it. The pandemic transformed me. I was in a 2-year cocoon, but emerged ready to take to flight.

There is more than one way to a dream, but there is only one way to achieve it – belief.
There is more than one way to be a brand, but for me, there was only one way to relaunch it – personally – as the face of it.

Within less than a year of relaunching my business, I am preparing to speak in Paris, France.

I am now a podcast host, author, event producer, business strategist, and speaker – who loves sharing my story with other entrepreneurs.

If I hadn’t said yes to the unfamiliar, I would have never met the force that is me.

Legacy reactivated. 

Sacha is the author of The Ugly Truth About Entrepreneurship: Keys to Managing Mental Wellness

Dr. Tonya Fields

I am one of those people who work, stress and worry too much.

For years, my spirt flirted with making significant changes in my life to produce more personal joy and fulfillment. I toyed with pursuing new initiatives and wanted to write books about my
real-life experiences.

I finally put writing on my “vision board” but even as I pasted the words on the board, I thought it was something I would do “later” on.

An out-of-the blue vacation went against everything in my nature. I found an affordable plane ticket with a 9-hour layover in JFK.

I would use the layover to get some writing done. I blew off my passport and was off to Dubai.

I didn’t want to leave my son.

At almost two years old, I noticed my son wasn’t speaking at the level of the kids his age. He spoke a one-word sentences to get his point across but I was worried he might have issues speaking, -----until he came up to me with an adorable two-year-old declaration -- “waah tttooyy stoorrrr”

He just strung together his first sentence. He wanted to “Watch Toy Story!”

One Mother’s Day, he gave me a cup shaped like “Woody” complete with a cowboy hat lid. I

On the way to the airport, my now 22-year-old son said, “You Got a Friend in Me,” as he dropped me off. I knew we would be ok.

I wandered JFK for hours looking for a power outlet. I sat next to an unshaven gentleman casually reading a newspaper.

“I’m going to get a little close so my phone charger can reach the socket,” I said.

He smiled. “It’s ok. I’m charging my phone as well.”

We talked until it was time for him to board his flight.

“What do you do for a living?” I asked.

“I’m a writer,” he said.|

“I’m going to follow your work. Tell me something you have worked on.”

“Let’s see, I wrote Toy Story,” he said.


I told him how special the movie was and how my son’s first full sentence was to tell me he wanted to watch Toy Story.

God put me there at this exact time. It was such a profound experience.

HE allowed me to meet a very special writer to remind me, “YES, I am destined to write”.

That chance encounter helped me to listen more closely for the precious moments when Spirit

Learn more about Tonya Fields

Tameaka Brown

When pain truly becomes your purpose.

Life was great — at least by all markers of success. I was newly married, had a great job, the mom to an 8-year old son with another baby boy on the way. Spending time with my family and friends was the only thing top of mind — I didn’t have a care in the world. 

April 16, 2004 began like any other day. I was enjoying the life I’d built for myself until it all changed with one single, unsuspecting event — my 8-year old son, Roddie, was mauled and killed by 4 pit bulls while playing in his grandmother’s yard. 

Grieving one child while literally giving life to another is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

His death opened my eyes to a world I didn’t want to know existed. I wondered how many others were out there like me-- losing a child this way.

Through a lot of research, I learned 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United States — a large percentage of which happening to kids.

I didn’t want Roddie’s life to end there. I didn’t want others to experience this level of pain and I knew I had to do something about it. 

I became an expert in dog bites, safety, statistics and responsible dog ownership. I founded the Roddie Jr’s Watchdog Foundation (RJWF) to educated the community on responsible dog ownership and to minimize dog bites on our youth.

Our organization provides support to children ages 0-17 who have been bitten or permanently disfigured by a dog.

This is a lifelong journey.  

Learn more about Roddie Jr's Watchdog Foundation.

Monica Carr

I didn’t fall in love with myself until my world fell apart.

According to Webster’s dictionary, love is the strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties; affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interest.

I have faced trials throughout my life from being a victim of domestic abuse/alcoholism, homelessness, financial woes, and family dysfunction. Despite the many challenges that still braise my path, I’ve never dropped my “crown” or lost my faith.

I married my first love and father of my three daughters at the tender age of 17. I quickly realized love had a whole different meaning that included hurt and frustration.

I always put everyone's needs before mine. I didn’t realize I was losing myself in the process. I was suffering silently from depression.

I never seemed to catch a break. At a low point, we lived in a rundown hotel because we lost our apartment. Most nights, I stayed in a hotel room with my babies, scared and alone while crackheads banged on the door and my husband ran the streets.

I was far from home with no support system. Some nights, I’d cry alone in the bathtub. I never wanted my babies to see me crying, but I knew I had to be strong for them. I always seemed to find a way out of no way, but mentally I was in bondage.

The marriage ended in divorce after 18 years. It took the breakup for me to realize lying underneath all the pain lived a dynamic woman, who lay dormant for years yearning to be born and free. The entire time I had everything I needed within.

Today, I am a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend whose addiction has always been doing more for others than for myself. My passion for helping others has taken on a whole new look. I can’t take care of others if I don’t take care of myself first.

I am totally in love with myself. According to Monica, love is knowing my worth and refusing to be victimized by anyone -- whether a job, relationship, or friend.

My love story is finding unconditional love for myself and making me a priority. No matter how many times I get knocked down, I remain resilient. I stand tall and proud with a crown knowing I AM ENOUGH, 365 days a year.

Alesha Brown

When what goes on in the house becomes a reason for a great escape.

I was a chubby five-year-old, an avid reader, wobbling to the library counter with a stack of books of higher than my head. Books were my survival.

Reading was freedom - a chance to escape the horrors of a chaotic, abusive home life. I opened the pages of a book and traveled far from my reality filled with fear and shame.

I found laughter, acceptance, strength, and hope within the pages of books. In my reality, I didn’t need to imagine a monster in the closet; he was very much real. I lived under a veil of silence, after all, what goes on in your house – stays there.

In my 20s, I was still in fear of the monster. Although my father, my abuser, died when I was 17, he was in full control of my thoughts, actions, and peace of mind – the control I had given him.

I was suffering and he was --- not. That realization shifted my focus from merely existing to wanting and needing to truly thrive.

As a child, I had no control over what happened, but as an adult, I did. I could be the perpetual victim or I could take back control.

“Why did he abuse me?”

To ask, implies there is a justifiable excuse – there isn’t. He, like other parents, did the best he could regardless of the resulting harm.

This doesn’t let him off the hook. It lets me off.

I am no longer tethered to his bad acts. I let my father rest in peace so I could do the same without shame or guilt.

To heal, I went home – back to books and back to a childhood dream. I published my story. I am an author. Within the pages of my book, I stand in agreement with survivors.

I am at peace now.

This book allowed me to resign from my government position. I am 100% self-employed. This was a bold move contrary to the life I was raised to have.

I am an award-winning entrepreneur who serves the community of survivors.

I am “Alesha Brown, Joy Guru.”

As I say, “It is never too late to edit your life, and while the journey of healing is never easy, you will never experience the fullness of joy until you live the life of your dreams. Don’t just survive; be determined to THRIVE!”

Because what happens in the house never has to stay there.

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Veronda Bellamy


Your Story is In Your Hands


250 Questions

Quality story prompts to help you remember moments long forgotten. These prompts challenge you to go beyond the normal "off-the-top-of-your-head" response.  

Guided Audio Content

You are never alone in telling your story. Each chapter includes audio coaching on how to pull out your hidden memories and how to be kind to yourself while doing so. 

Next Steps

You decide how to tell your story, whether you want to take your story to the next level beyond the page or just keep the answers for yourself. 

The People We Love
and Accept 

Family : the foundation of
who we are starts here - sometimes it's a good foundation and sometimes not. 

From Diapers
to Adulting

Detail the events of growing up from where you went to school to who did you have a crush on - all keeping your thoughts front and center

Sweet & Salty Memories

All the little firsts you have experienced along the way. These are moments meant to be shared for fun or professionally. 

The Real and
Ugly Truth

There is no escaping the truth of you - no matter how hard you try. You always show up. Go all in to reveal what's on the other side.

What's included: 

Become the Greatest Story Ever Told: Making a Memoir Club


  • 200+ story prompts
  • Guided audio coaching
  • Storyboards and doodle notes
  • Instruction on how to use the story
  • Discount to Witness My Life Shop
  • One monthly Q&A
  • Monthly PR opportunities
  • On-Demand Training
    • How to Use Your Voice to Start a Movement
    • Finding Your Harriet Tubman Moment
    • Three Phases of Healing with Your Story
  • 3 month Community

Look Inside


The Year of You


The journal is EVERYTHING! The packaging is above the stars and the content is phenomenal.


She doesn’t just teach you the story. She shows you how to market it and use it get noticed. I really like that she takes the mental health angle into account. Telling a story can uncover a lot of trauma. She’s thought of ways to address this.


The process was easy to understand and very user-friendly. I appreciated the ease in which I was able to tell my tory and what stories I was able to uncover. This is the first step in getting my brand where it needs to be. 


"The information I gained for the storytelling process was invaluable."


The storytelling process provided direction and focus on how to effectively deliver my message to consumers with clarity. The exercises also helped me to identify my niche, so I can market to my target audience accordingly.


"After seeing the digital version of the journal, I couldn't wait for the real thing"