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There is never a shortage of places to share a story in a nonprofit. Let us list the ways: 

Telling stories and communicating effectively is not an option for nonprofits, but it's often neglected-- and sometimes considered "not important." There is a direct correlation between communication and fundraising. In the process of "doing", it's easy to overlook the importance of messaging and communication. It's not enough to simply be a nonprofit, you must demonstrate your impact and make people care. 

No nonprofit should be mediocre.

Average. Run of the mill. Forgettable.

But many are, despite championing gold-star worthy, blue-ribbon pinning, finisher-medal wearing causes.

Saving the world is admirable…grandiose even, but without emotion and careful curation, your message is a distraction like everything else.

Witness My Life offers products and services to help nonprofit get noticed, because the goal really isn't not-to-profit, the goal is abundance in order to go full out in the mission. Your nonprofit presence is not just a series of sporadic messaging and incomplete ideas, it's the memoirs of your mission. 

Let's tell a better story. 

What No One Talks About

Department of One - There is no way for one person to keep up with all the story and messaging for an organization. This leads to burn out and resentment for having to fulfill such a big role. It's a team effort, that requires a team. 

No Collection Process - But where are the stories? Isn't it weird how you need so many stories and you're serving people and yet, there are not stories. When you don't have a clear collection process, you end up with the same story told over and over -- and not every situation can be served by one story. 

No Clear Brand Direction - Do you know where you're going to? Do you like the things that your nonprofit is showing you? This is a huge one for a lot of nonprofits. When there is no clear brand direction, you end up with silos, people not knowing how their work affects the overall mission and an organizational structure that's inefficient. When you have no direction, your services suffer. 

We Really Can Make it Easier

Your job is to serve your community. Our job is to make sure you're speaking their language. With so many ways you have to keep your constituents happy, messaging, cohesion and even the effect of the mission can get lost.  

Trust us, it gets easier when all things work together for your good-- so you can do good. 





But there's more

Discover a new way to use strategic narrative in your nonprofit for team building, fundraising, development, recruitment and more -- designed to get people on the same page united around a cause. Learn how to turn stories into nonprofit assets in this training - Turning People into Supporters and Employees into Ambassadors with Story

It's your time...

If you are responsible for sharing the stories of your organization, have trouble sharing the backstory of your organization and its impact or you need to speak to donors in a way to help raise money, this is for you. 

In this training, learn: 

The easy 3-part storyteller's framework  anyone can follow (even if a team of one). 

The 5-6-7 Storytelling Formula - an easy to replicable way to tell the right stories over and over again (so you can quickly craft the stories you need based on the goal + you'll wonder why you haven't done it before). 

Why you should build a storytelling culture that gets everyone on the same page to help with staff quality and retention as well as long-term loyalty from constituents (get more people excited about your work). 

Which mistakes to avoid  when building out your nonprofit narrative and the ONE thing donors really look for when it's time to give. 

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