Letter to Companies 

When I worked as an employee some years ago, I remember the quality of my work could be swayed by what was going on in the world, especially if that something was felt nationwide. While my work product was still excellent (and I say so myself), my focus or productivity would wane a bit. 

I imagine this is how some of your employees feel right now. I'm sure you have employees who are churning out excellent work, but also who you know are exhausted and not fully present. You may have even had a conversation with one or two of them about feeling "unfulfilled" or "without purpose." Much like I did years ago, your employees come to work and do what has to be done and worry about themselves later. 

Everyone has been touched by COVID-19 in some way from grief, uncertainty, disconnection, to increased bouts of stress, anxiety, and depression. Giving the phrase "We are all in this together," a new meaning. 

But, we have also been touched by the social unrest prompting many to ask, "Where do I belong?" or even... "Do I belong here?"

It turns out the more this pandemic and the continued effects of social unrest goes on,  we all do in fact need a stimulus package, but it’s less monetary and more humanitarian. 

To my corporate leaders, we at Witness My Life encourage you to take care of your people. In fact, we've created a lot of tools to help you do just that. 

Build Your Castle

We believe in building castles. Your business is a castle. All good things come from the castle. In order for the people to follow you, buy from you, engage with you, understand you, support you, rave about you, they must be inspired by the the castle. 

When your messaging is cohesive and inclusive, you stand out in the market place, where you never have to compete on price.

How is your castle? 

Our approach is to help you use storytelling to influence to your branding, culture, leadership and team building. Clarity loves company. When everyone is on the same page, there is forward momentum -- the castle because the north star for external and internal communications. 


Corporate Storytelling

Have stakeholders you need to impress? Does your content speak to them? 

Brand Messaging

You know what you do and how you want to say it, but it doesn't quite connect. 


The way you lead is directly tied to how you communicate. 


Your words matter. People pay attention when they are inspired. 


Have teams that need leadership, storytelling and DEI training? 

Inclusive Communications

Tell internal and external stories to make everyone feel included. 

Assess Your Castle

Let's assess your starting point. 
 Download our 20 question assessment to determine how well you're building a storytelling culture. 

You can change things...

Your people are your most treasured asset. Treat them like humans and not like commodities. Your culture is only as strong as your the behavior you tolerate. That changes when you align your teams around your values. Let's assess where you are.