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Shereese Floyd is an executive coach and marketing consultant who specializes in personal and professional development. She is the founder of Witness My Life, a people and culture firm that partners with corporations and universities to create and implement women’s leadership programs. Her experience includes creating and facilitating a range of programs and initiatives for team building, culture, organization design, and facilitation. 

Shereese has coached thousands of women around the world to end self-doubt, to embrace self-mastery and governance and to develop authentic leadership. Shereese works with professional women to identify marketable and profitable skills garnered through their lived experiences to build and grow their influence in leadership, whether building a business, scaling a corporate ladder or pursuing a mission.

Prior to starting Witness My Life, Shereese spent over twenty years in nonprofit marketing as a director of communications, where she helped organizations increase revenue with story-based marketing.

Shereese has developed and delivered leadership workshops and keynotes for companies, partnership firms and associations around the world. 

Her book Become the Greatest Story Ever Told: Making a Memoir serves a dual role as a memoir-writing tool as well as the basis of a curriculum and study guide. 

Shereese is a TEDx speaker and coach as well as an award-winning speechwriter for her TEDx: The Secret to Healing the World.

She’s been featured and/or interviewed in Essence, TEDx, CEO World, Entrepreneur Magazine, Blavity, Forbes, Inside Business, Charlotte Post, Spectrum News, ABC, NBC and more.

I'm the woman who...

… cries at commercials and really good movie endings (or really bad ones).

… loves the underdog, the slow runner, the impossible dream.

… loves musicals and believes the world’s problems would be far less contentious if we had to argue and disagree in song. I’ve been known to spontaneously break into song (don’t worry, I’m normally alone).

… believes in justice understanding that justice is not necessarily the outcome but the process.

… believes in the lyrics and sweeping notions of We Are the World and Man in the Mirror (Though I have to admit, I’m not sure if that’s because Michael Jackson was involved. I’ve won two Halloween contests dressed as the King of Pop. #justsayin).

… like to boldly color outside the lines until my OCD kicks in. #erase

… loves all things Wonder Woman. I could open a museum. I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman. I’m just saying no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room. (You do the math).

… knows that emotion sells and I use it handily.

… believes when no one else does.

Our team

Witness My Life works with women leaders around the world. We partner with business owners who have made a name for themselves in their own right. We believe in building bridges to better and greater things collectively as individuals and as team members. In other words, our team members have their own companies -- and we wouldn't have it any other way. 
We work as a unit to spread out and reach more. 

Shereese Floyd

Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer, TEDx speaker and coach

Myown Holmes 

CEO of Socially Polished
Digital marketing, social media and strategy

Pearl Egam

CEO of Upthrive
Administrative and customer service