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Witness My Life Project

Within the context of our lives, our hashtags and our mantras, we are simply pleading with each other, “See me, because I matter.”


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Raise Your Voice. Tell Your Story.

About The Project

The most sincere and vulnerable thing we ask of human beings is “Will you be a witness to my life?”

The Witness My Life Project is about asking the question — but not waiting for an answer. Witness My Life is for women who are ready to raise their voices and tell their stories so that we are impossible to ignore.

This is a project about people and faces, experiences and places — where challenges meet a determined and sometimes fractured will — where brilliance and excellence are not affixed but instilled — where fear is neither friend nor foe — where freedom requires shattering glass, systems and/or self-perception. 



A project where we celebrate women for the full curvature of the word — where we honor all facets of womanly-ness not just the parts deemed preferred. 

A project where chains are broken because latches were never truly attached, but adapted. 

These are stories of old with narratives a new. Stories of the odd, indifferent, quirky and passionate — whatever makes you, well … you. 

It’s time to end this unfortunate era where women are more seen than heard — where being invisible is a default — where expectations are borders of oppression and where giving in to the will of others is connecting the dots to  submission. 

This is the project for women to tell their stories and be bold — but not just any ole story — it’s about becoming the greatest story ever told. 


The Experience

What You Need to Know

Choose Your Tee

Select the MemoirWear that most closely aligns with the story you want to tell (Direct purchase link below).

Craft Your Story

Using our simple three-part framework, we’ll help you find your Harriet Tubman Moment (Training included).

Take the Photo

Take a photo of you wearing your MemoirWear. Story-related props encouraged.

Proof of Existence

Submit your story via the application form. Declare to the world – Witness My Life!

Apply for The Project

Do you have a story you need to tell? Be a part of the Witness My Life Project.


What’s Your MemoirWear?

True Story

Stories of true events with a direct or indirect affect.

Survivor Story

Stories of overcoming any type of adversity.

Love Story

Stories of all kinds of love. This can be love of persons, places or things.

Ancestor Story

Stories of ancestry, challenging norms or embracing history.

War Story

Stories of battles (real and imagined).

Immigrant Story

Stories of fitting in and standing out.

Coming Out Story

Stories of coming to terms with one’s identity.

See Me Because I Matter

Stories of feeling invisible (unseen, unheard, not validated).

Witness My Life

Stories of moving beyond labels, shattering stereotypes and systems.

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