Witness My Life Institute

Witness My Life Institute was created to shake up the status quo in traditional leadership programs.

Our suite of programs are unique as:

We don’t focus on women’s leadership per se, we focus on women’s existence with emphasis on professional skills garnered through her personal, lived experiences – meaning each woman who receives our training receives something different as she is the center of the training. 

Our concentration is on women’s self-mastery through self-awareness, self-observation and self-governance.

Our goal is to transform women’s lives and careers and show them how to align their purpose and their paycheck so they always show up for something bigger than themselves.

Break the Glass: Redefining Women’s Leadership is our most popular offering and has been delivered in whole or in part since 2004. It has been taught virtually all over the world with increased participation during the pandemic as women sought to know more about themselves and truly live life on their own terms.

We decided to license this offer to reach more women globally.

Break the Glass: Redefining Women’s Leadership is a values-based, business-focused, developmental approach that fosters one's natural strengths into personal and professional superpowers – except invisibility – we want you to stand out. 

The core curriculum focuses on three main stories that show up across five areas of a woman’s life – we show how these narratives play out in the workplace and beyond, which creates the disparities that are often studied and reported. 

Break the Glass: Redefining Women’s Leadership works because it’s not cookie-cutter. It’s authenticity-driven to address parity in women’s leadership. 

 We believe all women can lead from the front or back of the room. We teach women that their story is the most important asset they have and how to use that asset to further their careers, break through self-doubt and remove barriers to their success. 

Witness My Life Institute offers licensing opportunities for companies and individuals. 

Who is it for?

Our programs are ideal for women in industries where they need to show up boldly (Hint: no industry requires you to be small). This program is designed to assist you in broadening your public speaking and presentation skills as well as your confidence in storytelling and leadership. If you are in any of the following industries our programs are for you. 



  • Women who have taken Break the Glass: Redefining Women’s Leadership have had incredible results: 

    • 90% feel more confident

    • 70% feel better prepared to negotiate

    • 82% take more initiative at work

    • 91% say the curriculum helped them feel more like themselves

    • 69% feel less intimidated and speak up more

    • 62% as a result of building their thought-leadership, went on to speak on stages, write a book or do presentations

How it works

When you apply for the program, you'll be invited ask to submit an interactive application. A huge part of leadership is commitment and this society is for those who are not only ready to see themselves in a whole new way, but who are ready to do things differently to achieve their dreams. 

Here's how the curriculum breaks down: 

Month 1: Foundation + StoryDiscovery 
Your experiences + your expertise + your point of view = your story. Because of this formula, you are able to serve a certain audience with a certain skill set. You’ll learn exactly how the life you lived created the expert you are. 

Month 2: StoryShaping
Your story is not about what you remember, it’s about what you can convey. In this workshop, we’ll shape your story into a marketable and saleable product. 

Month 3: StorySharing
You can’t impact the world with a story that no one knows about. In this workshop, we will outline the uses for your story and show you how to share your story responsibility and effectively. 

Month 4-6: StoryTrax + Graduation 
StoryTRAX training prepares you  for a TEDx, writing a book, pitching the media or building a course. These TRAX have been chosen to ensure students successfully advance their credibility, influence, visibility and/or profit with their life experiences. You must master one of them to graduate.

what do you dream?

It all lives on the other side of your story. 

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