Leadership Storytelling Society

Life feels dissatisfying when you are a giant walking softly, a leader who goes unseen or you’re lost in the narratives of living — unable to see lessons learned, paths to success or greatness earned. No other skill can change the direction of your life like telling your story.

You are a leader whose destiny is recorded in the annals of your story. It has given you the power to persuade and to shape lives — but more importantly, it’s given you the power to see yourself as you have been created and to see your name in places you’ve never seen before. 

Witness My Life Leadership Storytelling Society is a six-month leadership storytelling curriculum for leaders ready to translate the chronicles of their history and write their names in the journals of the present day. This program is designed to peel back the layers of all the things you were told you “should” be to get to the heart of who you truly are. When you are a hero living without a mission, everything suffers like esteem, health, wealth and relationships. This is a journey into your life with your story as the foundation. Learn how to leverage your unique perspective across all industries and all the roles you take on.

When you don't know who you are or where you're headed, you live like a mannequin behind glass with the memo, "In case of emergency, break glass. This program helps you do just that. 

Witness My Life Leadership Storytelling Society is the only storytelling curriculum for women across the world who feel left out of life and want to develop their voice and leadership skills by using their stories to course correct this unfortunate era of women being more seen than heard. 

Who is it for?

This leadership storytelling program is ideal for women in industries where they need to show up boldly (Hint: no industry requires you to be small). This program is designed to assist you in broadening your public speaking and presentation skills as well as your confidence in storytelling and leadership. If you are in any of the following industries, the Witness My Life Leadership Storytelling Program is for you. 


Key Takeaways

  • *Explore critical skills to effectively build and grow your influence
    *Harness the power of your story to stand out in the marketplace 
    *Discover the five areas of your life affected the most by storytelling
    *Acquire New Techniques to Address Personal Development
  • *Strengthen Storytelling & Leadership Skills
  • *Distinguish Yourself from Competitors
  • *Understand the connection between your story and your audience
    *Give that speech, write that book or book media

How it works

When you apply for the program, you'll be invited ask to submit an interactive application. A huge part of leadership is commitment and this society is for those who are not only ready to see themselves in a whole new way, but who are ready to do things differently to achieve their dreams. 

Here's how the curriculum breaks down: 

Month 1: Foundation + StoryDiscovery 
Your experiences + your expertise + your point of view = your story. Because of this formula, you are able to serve a certain audience with a certain skill set. You’ll learn exactly how the life you lived created the expert you are. 

Month 2: StoryShaping
Your story is not about what you remember, it’s about what you can convey. In this workshop, we’ll shape your story into a marketable and saleable product. 

Month 3: StorySharing
You can’t impact the world with a story that no one knows about. In this workshop, we will outline the uses for your story and show you how to share your story responsibility and effectively. 

Month 4-6: StoryTrax + Graduation 
StoryTRAX training prepares you  for a TEDx, writing a book, pitching the media or building a course. These TRAX have been chosen to ensure students successfully advance their credibility, influence, visibility and/or profit with their life experiences. You must master one of them to graduate.

what do you dream?

It all lives on the other side of your story. 

Apply for the Program

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