Become the Greatest Story Ever Told  
Memoir Club

This is year of your story. 

The stories of your come through, your breakthrough and the stories that hold you back.

We are the stories we tell ourselves and sometimes we can’t see beyond our negative self talk. 

Our negative stories are a default and the way we reprogram ourselves is to remember what we have already done.

Become the Greatest Story Ever Told: Making a Memoir is a storytelling journal to help you get your stories out of your head and into the world where your story will make a difference — whether it’s to provide healing for yourself or others. 

Get closer to writing a memoir, speaking, or teaching the lessons of your story. 

The biggest difference your story has is to remind you that you are your greatest hero.

  • Reframe negative narratives
  • Silence your inner mean girl
  • Remind yourself of what you are capable of
  • Show up to be seen and heard

The memoir club was created for you to finally declare to the world - Witness My Life.

Your Story is In Your Hands


250 Questions

Quality story prompts to help you remember moments long forgotten. These prompts challenge you to go beyond the normal "off-the-top-of-your-head" response.  

Guided Audio Content

You are never alone in telling your story. Each chapter includes audio coaching on how to pull out your hidden memories and how to be kind to yourself while doing so. 

Next Steps

You decide how to tell your story, whether you want to take your story to the next level beyond the page or just keep the answers for yourself. 

The People We Love
and Accept 

Family : the foundation of
who we are starts here - sometimes it's a good foundation and sometimes not. 

From Diapers
to Adulting

Detail the events of growing up from where you went to school to who did you have a crush on - all keeping your thoughts front and center

Sweet & Salty Memories

All the little firsts you have experienced along the way. These are moments meant to be shared for fun or professionally. 

The Real and
Ugly Truth

There is no escaping the truth of you - no matter how hard you try. You always show up. Go all in to reveal what's on the other side.

The Year of Healing 

It has been a rough couple of years, for many of us we have seen loved ones pass away, relationships end and our internal light fate.

Healing begins with your story. Healing happens when you are able to understand your internal narratives and how they shape your reality. 

Our stories give us the authority to speak into the lives of others once we understand the lessons from our losses and purpose of our pain. 

Since we are always striving, our wins provide momentum and if we’re lucky our setbacks become the setup for success. 

You are your greatest love of all. 


The Year of Becoming

  • You feel invisible and invalidated 
  • You want to use your voice 
  • You worry what others think of you 
  • Healing is your priority
  • You have a story inside of you, that needs to be heard 
  • Freedom of expression is no longer an option 

What's included: 

Become the Greatest Story Ever Told: Making a Memoir Club


  • 200+ story prompts
  • Guided audio coaching
  • Storyboards and doodle notes
  • Instruction on how to use the story
  • Discount to Witness My Life Shop
  • One monthly Q&A
  • Monthly PR opportunities
  • On-Demand Training
    • How to Use Your Voice to Start a Movement
    • Finding Your Harriet Tubman Moment
    • Three Phases of Healing with Your Story
  • 3 month Community

Look Inside


The Year of You


The journal is EVERYTHING! The packaging is above the stars and the content is phenomenal.


She doesn’t just teach you the story. She shows you how to market it and use it get noticed. I really like that she takes the mental health angle into account. Telling a story can uncover a lot of trauma. She’s thought of ways to address this.


The process was easy to understand and very user-friendly. I appreciated the ease in which I was able to tell my tory and what stories I was able to uncover. This is the first step in getting my brand where it needs to be. 


"The information I gained for the storytelling process was invaluable."


The storytelling process provided direction and focus on how to effectively deliver my message to consumers with clarity. The exercises also helped me to identify my niche, so I can market to my target audience accordingly.


"After seeing the digital version of the journal, I couldn't wait for the real thing"