Marketing comes in many forms: television, print, radio, word-of-mouth, and so on. Yet, there are still plenty of businesses out there that hesitate to transform their traditional marketing into digital marketing. Let’s discuss traditional vs. digital marketing: the pros, the cons, and why digital marketing may be worth your investment.

In today’s digital age, we are constantly thrown in the mix of marketing and advertising efforts of thousands of businesses. It’s estimated that Americans see up to 10,000 ads every single day. Advertisers want us to see their brands, and they want us to be exposed to them as frequently as possible.

Traditional, Meet Digital: Why You Should Consider Digital Marketing

So what exactly is traditional marketing?

I have to backtrack a little bit here. We are nearly 20 years into the new millennium after all. iPhones and Facebook have already been inserted into our culture for over 10 years now, and both have played a huge role in changing the marketing game.

Traditional marketing generally falls into the following categories: print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone.

  • Print: An ad section in a newspaper, a perfume sample in a magazine
  • Broadcast: Commercial breaks in between television shows
  • Direct mail: Catalogs and infographics sent directly to your mailbox
  • Telephone: Sales representatives that call you to tell you about a product (everybody knows somebody who knows somebody that is trying to sell Avon or Mary Kay products this way, right?)

When you see all these forms of marketing listed, what thoughts come to mind? Do you notice they all have something in common? They are losing their relevance with consumers.

Think about it. Many newspapers and magazines are laying off workers because not enough consumers are subscribing or buying them at the grocery stores anymore. Less and less households are subscribed to cable, so it’s becoming more difficult for advertisers to utilize commercial breaks. How often are you just throwing your junk mail in the trash without even looking at it? How many phone numbers have you blocked because you suspect that they are spam callers trying to sell you something?

This is where things get interesting.

Digital marketing becomes more and more prevalent.

Digital marketing covers a wide variety of functions, but they all have one thing in common. Their efforts are located in the online space. Digital marketing has existed since the invention of the internet, but it really formed in the 21st century, and it seems like it’s rapidly taking over the market every day.

But, why? Pay close attention to these next three words: Return on investment. They’re important to know and understand if you want to run a successful online business. Let’s look at an example of ROI and digital marketing.

Exhibit A: email marketing.

How often do you check your email? Once a week? Once a day? Once an hour? Chances are that you check your email as often as you log into social media, which is multiple times per day. As a business owner, when you create and grow an email list, your ideal customer has invited you directly into their inbox. And they are likely checking their email multiple times per day as well.

Now that you understand this concept more, let’s look at the following statistic. According to one study, the ROI on email marketing is high. Very high. For every dollar you spend on your email marketing tactics, you can expect an average return of $38. Wow!

I can’t forget to mention that email newsletters are a phenomenal way to make a personal connection with your ideal client or customer. Build your street cred while building your relationships. It’s a win-win in my book. It’s like email marketing was designed to kill two birds with one stone, as the saying goes. (Building rapport with your audience while promoting your products or services at the same time, holla!)


How do you feel looking at traditional marketing vs. digital marketing now?

As time goes on, things are changing rapidly in the digital world. For example, television news and entertainment are still as popular as ever, but their formats are evolving quickly to keep up with the desires of their consumers. Why subscribe to cable when you can see the news on Facebook Live? Why sit through commercials when you can watch an episode on Netflix ad-free? As a marketer, it’s fascinating for me to be able to observe how different markets are planning accordingly when their markets change.

I bet you’re starting to make the connections now. Digital marketing has higher success rates, and it’s more cost effective to implement. It does take time, effort and research to learn, but it truly has a powerful impact on your business efforts.

But you can’t conquer digital marketing alone. You’re an expert at running and growing a business. You can’t juggle all aspects of your business, and nobody expects you to. Even Wonder Woman has to work with other superheroes from time to time!

That’s where I can in. Let me be your Wonder Woman.

If you’re interested in taking your marketing efforts to the next level, I know exactly where you need to start to make it work for your unique business needs. My business intensives tell you if your ROI is worth it.

What digital marketing strategies have worked best for your business?