If you had to drive to a town you knew very little about, how would you approach your journey?

Would you ask for directions? Would you use a navigator or a roadmap?

And if, some of your friends offered to ride with you, would you grab the opportunity?

The process of building and marketing your business is strange terrain for many. There are never-ending to-do lists, landing pages to create, copy to write, campaigns to run, analytics to check, and profits to make. All of which cause conversion anxiety and ROI (return on investment) fever.

How well are your efforts paying off?

It can get confusing and feel like you’re traversing through dark territory.


Business Marketing Is an Island of Wonder

Businesses are born every second. Fortunes are made and changed, every minute. Some business owners are “killing it,” others, well…not so much. Owning a business and marketing it is one huge reality show. And guess who’s at the center of it all:


Businesses drop off the radar every day and you can’t help but wonder who’s next? Who stays till the end? Who wins?

Only those with a plan. A roadmap.


But Why Do You Need A Roadmap?


Simply put, life happens. But here are a few reasons:


Let’s go back to your planned journey. As you travel, you see signposts. You see trees lined up along the highway. And occasionally, a few billboards and buildings. Will you find it helpful to stop and stare? Stopping to admire every signpost or tree or building is guaranteed to delay your journey. You need to train your eyes to focus on only what matters.

If you’ve been running your business for any length of time, you’d agree that distractions are the bane of modern entrepreneurship. From phone alerts to calendar notifications and email pop-ups, your ability to concentrate on one thought flow and see it through is impaired.

Social media anyone?!?!

Have you posted something? How many likes did you get? How many retweets? How many followers? Oh! You’ve rolled out a new product or service. How is it performing? Is it measuring up with industry standards? In the words of renowned author and entrepreneur Dan Norris, distraction is the enemy of achievement.

When you sense your progress being stalled by any of these distractions, you need a roadmap.


In the absence of a roadmap, the sheer length of the journey ahead might seem overpowering. You won’t know how far you’ve traveled, nor how far you are from your destination.

In the same way, the work you must do to nail your marketing can feel so intimidating it is easier not to start at all. Or perhaps, you have started but you feel like you are getting nowhere fast. Or, worse still, you’re taking on too many tasks at the same time. Overwhelm is the greatest killer of morale.

A roadmap will keep you centered and motivated.


Imagine as you progress in your journey, you came to a 4-way intersection. As you’re waiting for the lights to turn green, you notice vehicles from all other directions are headed your way. They are all coming at you. It seems you’ve been driving in the wrong direction all along. How do you feel? Confused, right?

Forget that content is king. That’s an overused cliché used to justify the avalanche of information being thrown at you daily. Add the many experts and gurus asking for your attention, and who don’t necessarily agree on the same way of doing things, and you find yourself in the front row of Confusion 101.


Let’s say you refused the gesture from your friends who offered to drive with you. Now, it’s getting to dusk. You’re tired and sleepy. You wish someone could just take the wheel, so you can get a few hours of sleep. But, you are alone.

Like it or not, we have to acknowledge the entrepreneurial game can get lonely. And despite the perks of being an independent business owner, you are a social being; you thrive on connection and community.


Put Your Roadmap To Use

Seeing what you’re up against as an entrepreneur and why you need a roadmap, here’s how to proceed:

1. Know where you stand: Assess your starting point. Or your current location. Where are you in your business now? Are you just past the beginner stage or are you at the intermediate level? Knowing where you stand is the first step to using your roadmap.

2. Know where you’re going: This is either your immediate objective or your ultimate goal. Where do you want to be? What are you aiming for?

3. Create a step-by-step action plan: In your journey, this would involve marking ahead of time your best route, specific cities or towns you will pass through, useful landmarks. 

In business, this would involve determining specific actions that move you closer to your goal. The key at each given time is to focus on what needs to be done now and ignore all else.

The reason here is if you worry about something before it’s necessary to do so, you create overwhelm. If you do too many things at the same time, you create confusion. Focusing on one thing at a time channels all your energies to that one thing until it is accomplished and it’s time to shift focus to the next action on your plan

4. Manage challenges: So, what happens when you have a flat tire while traveling? You fix it, right? What if you get hungry and need to eat? You stop and take care of that too. A roadmap can tell you where to find the closest mechanic or restaurant.


Challenges arise in business and you will be tempted to worry about what might go wrong. Having a plan or roadmap helps you focus on what matters for the moment, and help you manage challenges better.


Now, perhaps, you’re wondering:


Does Such A Roadmap Exist?


YES. And there’s not one but two!

When I decided to simplify the art of marketing, it was because I saw the potential of the average entrepreneur — someone like you. I saw how much more successful you could be, if you better understood how to market your business. You have great products and premium quality services. You have pieces of marketing, but not a complete plan. You have programs, but not complete systems. You are excelling at everything else, except marketing. All you need is a bridge between what you already know, where you want to go and who you want to be.

I want to break down this marketing process and let you see it’s far easier than they think. When you feel incompetent, You. Won’t. Do.

I created the Marketing Success Roadmap with 5 stages of marketing. It outlines WHERE you stand, by helping you identify what stage of business you’re in, right now; it shows you WHAT marketing tasks you need to focus on today and what can wait. It even goes on to tell you WHEN to power up and HOW! And, it gives you the feeling you can expect at each stage so you know you are on the right track. It’s all built around the concept of growing and becoming a Wonder Woman in business. How cool is that?

And for those need a resource to refer to over and over, the Marketing Focus Cheat Sheet is a bulleted list of to-dos relevant to your current stage of business. It’s brief, it’s concise, and it’s no bs.


Good Things Come To Those Who Roadmap

A roadmap saves you time and frustration. The benefits outweigh any time spent to plan your journey. What’s more, you learn to trust the adventure and trust yourself.

The WONDERful part is you progress faster and see results quicker.

Download the Marketing Success Roadmap and Cheat Sheet as part of the Marketing Success Swag Bag (phew, that’s a lot). The swag bag includes both roadmaps and additional marketing resources to help with lead generation and grassroots efforts, social media, and Facebook ads ←- A strategy you won’t need until you’re ready.

Also, get invited to join THE LEAGUE – my network of super friends. Remember the friends who offered to ride with you as you started your journey? Yep, you’ll find them in THE LEAGUE. Because business is better with super friends.


Are you ready for the ride?


Now that you have seen the amazing power of a roadmap and what it can do for you and your business, what will you do?

All the world is waiting for you. It’s time to #uploadyourwonder and power up your marketing. With a roadmap (or two) and the swag bag tools, progress is just around the corner.

Are you ready to go?  

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