The Secret to Healing the World

Meet Shereese

Shereese Floyd-Thompson is the founder of the Witness My Life Movement, which offers storytelling products and services to individuals and businesses to amplify marginalized voices . It’s single mission is to bring the world together one story at a time and to provide opportunities for people to S.E.E. (support, education, encourage) each other in order to get to a place of mutual respect.

She is a speaker, trainer, award-winning marketing consultant and queen of the personal turned business story. 

In her 13-minute TEDx talk, The Secret to Healing the World, Shereese tells the story of living across the cul de sac with a neighbor who has different political and ideological views and how the two of them are able to live in peace together. She challenges the audience to see beyond labels, titles and notions and ask a simple question: Will you be a witness to my life?

As a master storytelling advisor she helps speakers, business owners, leaders and executives master their stories to increase demand for their services and impact the world. 

She is the creator of the StoryMakers™ Formula: a three-part method of discovering, shaping and sharing stories to develop a message and brand from the inside out. She is also the founder of the invite-only Witness My Life™ 12-month curriculum for leaders ready to be delivered into their legacy.

Shereese is dedicated to teaching people to embrace storytelling to unite people around a cause, influence behaviors and move people to action. She is an advocate for social change and believes story is the one thing that truly brings the world together. She is also a Women in Business honoree as named by Inside Business and a contributor for Entrepreneur magazine. 

Shereese has been featured in Blavity, Entrepreneur, Forbes, YFS Magazine, The Huffington Post, Inside Business, Coastal Virginia. Virginia Business, CoVABIZ Magazine and more. 


Shake up your book club or gather your friends around the virtual campfire to discuss the themes of this talk – use this companion guide to deepen the discussion.

The Secret to Healing the World Study Guide includes the full transcript of the talk as well as two dozen study questions centered around culture, changing perceptions, examining internal positions, and more.

In the end, the guide challenges you to make a commitment to bringing the world together.


As a former director of marketing with over 16 years in the business, Shereese speaks on a variety of topics related to marketing, communications, company culture and branding.

Her training programs are informative and engaging.

Current topics include:

  • Personal Branding for the C-Suite
  • Creating a Culture of Storytelling
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Storytelling and Fundraising for Board Members
  • The Art of Storytelling
  • Conscious Consumerism and How Not to Become a Commodity
  • From Business Experience to Human Experience
  • Inclusive Messaging for Leadership
  • How to Onboard into Your Culture with Story
  • Witness My Life: How to See Beyond Labels

Each topic can be customized for your unique situation.



 Shereese is a dynamic speaker. She speaks with such passion you are drawn in. You know she believes what she’s saying and she makes you believe it to. I am inspired every time I hear her tell a story or share an experience. It’s really a treat. 


Business Owner

 So true… so relevant… so powerful… health crisis… heart crisis… thank you for allowing the world to witness your life! 


T.A.L.K. Consulting

 Reesy is amazing and so good at what she does at helping people figure out their story. Her heart of wanting to help people discover their story is so genuine.


Director of Finance


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