Meet the Communications Consultant Providing a Platform for Black Women to Become the Greatest Story Ever Told with T-Shirt Line MemoirWear

Shereese Floyd is the creator of the Witness My Life Project, a social initiative providing black women a platform to own their narratives and center themselves through t-shirt line MemoirWear.

Floyd, an award-winning storyteller and consultant, has worked with thousands of women throughout her career teaching storytelling principles and memoir writing. Her company, Witness My Life, partners with corporations and universities to create and implement women’s leadership programs.

Challenging black women to be impossible to ignore

As a consultant, Floyd teaches women personal and professional development by helping them uncover profitable and marketable skills garnered through their lived experiences whether they are building a business, exploring a mission or climbing a corporate ladder.

In her work, Floyd notices no matter how accomplished or talented women are, there is always someone in the room who feels they need an additional credential or praise to be valued and appreciated. There is a nagging internal voice that needs to be silenced – which is not surprising, as black women are more likely to be asked to provide proof of their competence and to have their judgment questioned.

Floyd says she sees a relationship between the titles women wear, the expectations of those titles and the carefully-constructed mask women show the world.

The Witness My Life Project with MemoirWear was created to give black women a safe space to put down their armor and tell a different story – the softer one.

“For black women, when strength is an identity rather than a characteristic, being invisible becomes a default setting with real consequences as we are passed over for promotions, hide in plain sight or shrink to fit into spaces. Our stories are the one thing we really own — when we don’t know who we are, we live life like a mannequin in a box with a memo, In case of emergency, break glass. Telling our stories breaks the glass,” says Floyd.

Becoming the greatest story ever told.

Floyd, a former prisoner’s wife and survivor turned advocate, shares about that challenge.

“It wasn’t until I became invisible in my own life and embarrassed in my own narrative where I realized, in silence, I was drowning my true voice and conforming. Telling my story built my confidence, community and clarity. I’ve always had a knack for hearing the things people don’t say. In the act of living, the most sincere and vulnerable thing we ask of each other is “Will you be a witness to my life?” Being a storyteller allows me to walk with others and be the eyes and ears they need as they emerge their truest selves,” Floyd adds.

The Witness My Life Project is an entry point for women who want to share their stories in a creative and expressive way.

Floyd launched the Project in Charlotte, North Carolina with a cohort of women eager to support the mission.

Storytellers with MemoirWear include:

  • Based on a Love Story: Stories of all kinds of love (persons, places or things).

    • Monica Carr shares a story of finding herself after divorce.

  • Based on a True Story: Stories of true events that directly or indirectly affected you.

    • Dr. Tonya Fields shares how a chance meeting with a famous writer inspired her to pursue her dreams.

    • Tameaka Brown shares how she repurposed the grief of losing a son mauled by dogs.

  • Based on a Survivor Story: Stories of pulling through any type of adversity.

    • Alesha Brown shares the story of surviving child abuse and gaining freedom of expression.

  • Based on a War Story: Stories of battles (real and imagined).

    • Daniall Foskey shares how abundance can be the by-product of pain.

  • Witness My Life: Stories of moving beyond labels, shattering stereotypes and systems.

    • Linette Montae encapsulates how money and achievements could not heal her daughter.

    • Veronda Bellamy recounts how closing on a dream home opened the door to an unexpected career.

    • Sacha Walton shares her victory over breast cancer.

Additional MemoirWear:

  • Based on an Immigrant Story: Stories of fitting in and standing out.

  • Based on a Coming Out Story: Stories of coming to terms with one’s identity.

  • Based on an Ancestor Story: Stories of ancestry, challenging norms and/or embracing history.

  • See Me Because I Matter: Stories of feeling invisible (unseen, unheard, not validated).

Additionally, Floyd’s company provides storytelling programs and workshops for women who desire to tell stories in a leadership capacity. Every training ends with gifted MemoirWear and all approved stories are shared via social media.

“A life that is not seen is a life that is not valued. Although we ask the world to witness our lives, we are not waiting around for permission. See us because we matter. We all do,” she concludes.

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About Shereese Floyd

Shereese Floyd is an executive coach and communications consultant who specializes in personal and professional development. Her experience includes a range of programs and initiatives for team building, culture, instructional design, and facilitation. Shereese works with professional women to build and grow their influence. Shereese believes everyone has a story and that leadership styles are grounded in self mastery and core values.

Prior to starting Witness My Life, a people and culture firm that partners with corporations and universities to create and implement women’s leadership programs, Shereese spent over 20 years in nonprofit marketing as a director of communications where she helped organizations increase revenue with story-based marketing.

Shereese has developed and delivered leadership workshops and keynotes for companies, partnership firms and associations around the world. Shereese is also a speaking coach and speechwriter. Her mission is to bring the world together one story at a time and provide opportunities for people to S.E.E. (Support. Educate. Encourage.) each other. She lives in Charlotte NC.