Change is one thing in life that everybody can definitely agree is constant. It happens to everyone. Not a single soul will waft through this world without undergoing change.

The truth is we cannot predict what will happen to us next And with unpredictability comes a certain level of uncertainty, doubt and fear.

A new home, the loss of someone we love … even a pandemic outbreak.

We literally do not know what the future has in store for us. What we can only do, however, is morph and adapt to change as it comes. When positive things happen to us, it’s easier to react to this change because it’s something we are probably comfortable with or have been waiting for for a long time. It’s a whole different case when we have to deal with uncertainties in life due to a negative change.

One brilliant way you can calm the storm (and bring about a sense of certainty) during trying times of uncertainty is with stories.

Stories have one of the most powerful influences on people. A story can change the mindset of an entire demographic. For some, stories are just mere words written for enjoyment but it is much more than that. The irony even lies in the fact that every day, different stories are changing people’s narratives around the world and sometimes they do not even know it.

Stories connect us. They define who we are and what we stand for. The universality of a beautiful story transcends ethnicity, it transcends geographical location.

When change happens to us sometimes we feel like giving up on the world, but stories of people who are going through the same thing are the light we need to keep going.

During periods of uncertainty, people’s minds will always run wild with questions such as, Am I going to die? What will happen if this situation doesn’t change? Where do I go from here? The answers to questions of anxiety like this can be found in stories — in the common places.

Here are a few ways you can use stories to create certainty in a period of doubt or crisis, using stories.

1. Create a vision: A vision is what compels us to try. It’s a picture of how we want our lives or aspect of our lives to be. It’s what keeps us focused. The vision sets the stage for the actions you take. All it takes is for the vision to be real and obtainable.

2. Be a witness: People do not have to always persist when things aren’t going well. Panic, worry and anxiety can set in. Take the time to see your family, friends, and neighbors. Validate their experiences by listening to their stories.

3. Share your story: Everyone faces changes in their lives that will bring about uncertainties and your story may be the solution. Nobody should ever feel like they are going through things alone. Use your stories to help people find meaning and purpose. 

Change is inevitable and it will come with an air of uncertainty, chaos and panic. Our stories are the one thing that keeps us grounded. Using stories at this time helps us to stay connected and be in control … or at least feel like it.