Are you are a real estate professional looking to bring in leads? Whether you’re a realtor, mortgage broker, lender or investor. Facebook advertising will work for you. With Facebook advertising, you can build an exclusive database of leads to market to and stay top of mind until they are ready to buy and/or sell.

The biggest advantage of digital marketing or traditional methods like postcards and billboards is targeting and analytics. Track the effectiveness of your campaigns, see exactly what’s working and switch those things up when needed.

What’s working now?

Lead ads – Lead ads are non-intrusive and auto-filled forms that keep the lead within the Facebook system instead of sending to an external landing page.

NIche – Having a specialty such as first-time homebuyers, military, luxury homes, downsizing, etc., helps you perfect targeting your audience.

Ebooks/Guides – Quick, consumable content educates potential buyers and sellers on the real estate market.

For Buyer Leads:

  • Listings
  • Down payment assistance programs
  • First-time homebuyers guide
  • Foreclosure lists
  • New homes on the market (not in MLS)
  • Rent-to-own programs
  • New construction
  • VA Loan/Military inspired
  • Open house

For seller leads:

  • Listings
  • Guides (Increasing home value before selling or steps to selling a home)
  • Home valuation reports
  • Open house


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  • Locality – Target a city plus 10-mile radius or a zip code.
  • Age – 25+ (May be different depending on your specialty)
  • Audience size – Aim for an audience size of 50K to 100K. (If you’re in a big city and your audience size is one million or more, use demographic targeting to narrow audience size).
  • Demographics – You don’t need additional demographics to get leads, but if you specialize, adding demographic and interest targeting such as education, income, occupation or realtor interests like Trulia, Zillow or can pinpoint your target.
  • Budget: $10 a day.
  • Placements: Feeds only. (Test showing ads only on mobile devices where lead ads tend to have an advantage).

Tools you’ll need:

  • Facebook business page – Ads only run from a business page
  • Facebook ad account – To run ads and set up billing
  • Privacy policy – Required for lead ads
  • Email service provider – To receive the leads from Facebook
  • Crello or Canva – Free graphics programs to build ads

Some important things to remember:

  • Test everything.
  • Start with a smaller budget and put more money behind a winning campaign.
  • Seller leads tend to cost more than buyer leads.
  • If you spend $15 and haven’t gotten a lead, turn ad off and regroup.

Use this information to set up your lead ads and watch the leads come in. If you need help with putting together campaigns, book a free 30-minute consult