Hey nonprofit. Tell me a story.

Statistics alone rarely (if ever) convey the full-impact of your cause or the change you make in the community.  By now you know, storytelling is the great way to connect your donors to the humanity of your cause.  If you don’t know this, we should talk.

Use this worksheet to breakdown the essential parts.

Imagine a supporter (or even better…a donor) asking the following questions. Tell them what you want them to know.

What/How do you want me to feel?

o Love  o Fear  o Sadness   o Excited   o Anger   o Belonging   o Strength   o Brave

Who am I rooting for? What do I need to know about this person to care about him/her? How is your character like me? (i.e. background, lifestyle, hobbies, family members, education, job, etc.) Details help your reader build a rapport. 

What does he/she want from your organization/from life? What’s at stake (if he/she doesn’t get it)? What’s his/her motivation or goal?

What stands in the way of the goal? Describe obstacles your organization will help him/her overcome. Tell me what this matters to me.

Who is the villain? Will I understand the villain? Villain can be a person, illnesses, or situation. 

How does your organization help him/her? What programs or services help him/her overcome the obstacles? Remember what you wanted me to feel? How is it relevant now?

What is the outcome? Does this person reach their goal or make progress? How is the character’s life different now? What’s the emotion I should feel here?

What’s left to be done? Is your organization helping people in similar situations? What is the impact on my community? If the impact is not in my community, how do I relate?

How can I help? What do you need from me?

What’s are our next steps?

Now, let’s tell a great story.

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