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Brand Story Strategist

Shereese is a brand story strategist with 18+ years in storytelling, marketing and PR. She has been featured or quoted in Blavity, Entrepreneur, YFS Magazine, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inside Business, CoVABIZ and Coastal Virginia Magazine. She was named Best Outstanding Emerging Professional and Best Social Media Personality by CoVA Biz Magazine. She is also a Women in Business honoree as named by Inside Business and she recently won a Cicero Speech Writing Award for her TEDx - The Secret to Healing the World. 

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You hold the power of the one thing that makes you unforgettable - your story
It's a one-of-a-kind original like your fingerprints and DNA

And when used in marketing, it becomes the single-most-powerful weapon you have to stand out
and when used in life, it becomes the essence of what you do what you do. 

Maybe you're an entrepreneur who wants to know how to set yourself apart so you can stand firmly in the confidence that you can never be duplicated. 

Maybe you own a nonprofit and you need to know how to tell the memoirs of your mission so don't set yourself up as the hero who can fix everything but ore of an ally to partner with potential clients, donors and volunteers. 

Maybe your a business owner who needs a corporate identity so you can create compelling reasons for people to buy from you. 

or maybe you're a employee or executive who wants to understand why you are in the field
('cause your whole life has left you clues)

The reviews are in...
People love the Story Attraction Method

4.5 out of 5 stars


My business started evolving the moment we had our call and you, my friend, are a game-changer of epic proportions. Your work is launching my business into a place of greater meaning and impact that I couldn’t work out how to reach because I was so busy outrunning my stories in the name of progress instead of drawing strength from the roots they have given me. You didn’t just uncover my origin story, you gave it – and my brand – new life. You are truly a wonder.
Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you!


The process was easy to understand and very user-friendly. I appreciated the ease in which I was able to tell my tory and what stories I was able to uncover. This is the first step in getting my brand where it needs to be. 


The information I gained from the storytelling process was invaluable. Thank you for helping me think more in-depth about my brand. I came home and worked on it until my eyes went cross, and I literally had given it all I could. Reesy knowledge and workshop structure ensure that no one leaves empty-handed. Thank you for being a businesswoman helping other women in your community! 

In this workshop, learn:

Secret #1

Learn the one thing you need to set FIRST to guide the story you’re going to tell.

Secret #2

Uncover the memories to help you identify what experiences influence your daily world.

Secret #3

Break down the reasons why people are attracted to you and the universal message your story conveys.

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