So many people have no idea who they really are! Don't Be One Of Them. Become the greatest Story Ever Told!

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you. ~Maya Angelou

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What is Making a Memoir?

250+ Questions 

Quality story prompts to help you remember moments long forgotten. These prompts challenge you to go beyond the normal "off-the-top-of-your-head" response.  

Guided Audio Content

You are never alone in telling your story. Each chapter includes audio coaching on how to pull out your hidden memories and how to be kind to yourself while doing so. 

Next Steps

You decide how to tell your story, whether you want to take your story to the next level beyond the page or just keep the answers for yourself. 

The People We Love and Accept 

Family : the foundation of
who we are starts here - sometimes it's a good foundation and sometimes not. 

From Diapers
to Adulting

Detail the events of growing up from where you went to school to who did you have a crush on - all keeping your thoughts front and center

Sweet & Salty Memories

All the little firsts you have experienced along the way. These are moments meant to be shared for fun or professionally. 

The Real and
Ugly Truth

There is no escaping the truth of you - no matter how hard you try. You always show up. Go all in to reveal what's on the other side.

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