Hello, good morning you guys. We are live for our second weekly event inside THE LEAGUE. Today we’re going to be talking about the secrets to curing overwhelm. It’s easier than you think. So, look. I’m I want show you guys this cute little thing that my husband got for me. It’s always, he’s always finding these little obscure things, but hold on, let me see if that’s something a little cute. Oh Gosh. Can you see that? Think you can see it better without my light. Can you see that? It’s like blinking. I don’t know if you can tell. Can you tell? Okay, there you go. That’s it’s like blinking and doing some stuff. Okay, isn’t it adorable. It’s super adorable. All right, so you guys know I don’t believe in really long live videos, so we are going to get in and get out. So right today. Okay.

So have you ever felt ridiculously overwhelmed with your marketing? Like raise your hand because I’m in marketing and I feel overwhelmed as well. Hi Miracle. Thanks for joining me. I’m so excited. I’m so right. You’re overwhelmed. Right? And there’s so many pieces to it. So many tools, there are so many tricks and hacks and you’re watching people that you admire and they seem to have it altogether and yeah, we’re all in business and we want to make money as fast as we can, and so we’re bouncing all around from this thing to this thing to this thing, and eventually we’re just like, we don’t have the bandwidth to kind of keep up with all of those sorts of things. Right, and you just feel like it’s so much to do and then you stop — doing nothing or your progress slows down because you don’t have the focus.

That’s one of the reasons why I created the business focus cheat sheet and the five stages of marketing to help you kind of take a breath and focus on the things that are gonna move you forward, but when we talk about curing overwhelmed, because even if you have focus, you still can get overwhelmed. That is really, really simple to cure. Really, really simple. Okay? I just want you to remember just say co like just say no, but just say co. That is Community. Connection. Collaboration. Just say co. Community. Connection. Collaboration. Stupid, simple, Stupid, easy, right? The thing is that there is beauty in shared experiences, so when we don’t know how to do something, being in community with someone else who doesn’t know how to do something actually helps the two of you not only feel less overwhelmed but actually make progress because the two of you together have power and wanting to know these things so you will work on them even faster.

Connecting with other people who have the same experiences as you and collaborating with those people also help you cure overwhelm. Again, the beauty is in all of us coming together to learn the things that we want to learn and do the work that needs to be done. I told you it’s really simple so when you’re feeling overwhelmed, get with people who are on your same level and get with people who are a little bit ahead of you and together you guys will get over all of the things that you feel like you need to do. Business is better with super friends and that is the reason why I have built THE LEAGUE. That is the culture that I am fostering within the league, that we all come together, we learn together, we move ourselves forward. We focus on those things that matter to our businesses and matter to our lives. Community connection, collaboration. There you have it. I’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye.

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