Facebook ads work best with warm audiences.  In the ads manager, you have several options for building audiences who already have some knowledge of you. Choosing options based on customer file, website and engagement helps increase your return on investment and bring in leads.

Audience #1 Customer file.

If you have been collecting email address for your business, upload the email addresses into Facebook. Your data is encrypted through a process called hashing. Facebook matches the email addresses to users within the platform and shows your ads to that audience. This audience works well for past buyers. You can offer different products or services or offer exclusive discounts.

Audiences #2* – All website visitors up to 180 days

People who have visited your website have interest in your product or service. With the pixel installed, you are able to get back in front of this audience and make an offer.

Audience # 3* – People who visited specific web pages

By targeting people who have looked at specific content, you can really outline an offer that speak directly to the client. Set up this option for people who have added items to cart but didn’t purchase, then send retargeting ads to encourage them to purchase.

Audience #4* – People who have watched 25% or more of a video

We are living in a world of content overload. If someone watched 25% or more of a video, chances are they are interested in your product or service. Video views are the most inexpensive ad type. Even for a new page or someone new to advertising, you can have a pretty good audience to retarget in a few days.

Audience #5 People who responded going or interested in an event

This is a good option for local businesses, nonprofits, restaurants, clubs, etc. Encourage ticket sales and foot traffic with people who have already shown interested in an event as ticket goers tend to purchase at the last minute. You’re also able to target people who visited the event page.

Get creative with these custom audiences and build leads for your business. Need help getting leads and setting up these audiences, book a free consult: https://digitalwonderwoman.as.me/schedule.php

*You need to install the Facebook pixel to target website traffic.

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