Let’s talk about the three pieces that come together to truly make a unique TEDx idea.

  1. You. Who are you? What do you do? what have been your experiences and your expertise? What’s so special about you?
  2. What’s your business? Your TEDx ideas should not necessarily be about your business. It can’t be promotional, but it absolutely can lead into what it is that you do in the world.
  3. How is it related to the world? Why is it relevant? Why do we all need to hear this? Why do we need to hear it right now?

Your idea is a belief or an opinion you have about something. You want us all to think differently once we hear that idea.

These three things come together like a Venn diagram and right in the middle is the unique idea only you can give.

I am a brand story strategist. I teach people how to tell stories for a living. I also live across the street from a neighbor who flies a Confederate flag.

We have very different political views, but we found a way to make this work. As a business owner, I am a brand storyteller. I am the president of StoryMakers consulting. I am a story girl.

Why is it relevant to the world? You only need to look outside your window to tell that we are a divided nation. We are on two opposite sides of the world.

And right in the middle was my TEDx idea which was – heal the world become a witness. Why was I the only one that could give that talk?  Because I am the one living across from the neighbor and we have figured out a way to make it work. If you listen to my talk – The secret to Healing the World, you’ll hear the story of my neighbor and how we are able to make peace work and my different way of thinking (my idea, belief, opinion) that I am asking you to adopt about our great divides.

That story was mine. Sure, there are lots of TEDx talks about bringing the world together, but none of them could tell the story of my neighbor and me.

And trust me, if we can make this work across the cul de sac from each other, you guys can make it work when we’re actually looking at it through tv and social and all the other things.

If you want to learn more about how to do this and you’d like some assistance in doing it really well, book a call.